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Problem with your PC? We’ll fix it for you. We’re who you call when your computer runs slow and your programs stop working. From corrupted hard drives to infected machines, Computer Repair World is your personal Technician Geek. We cover the whole of South London and Parts of Kent, and best of all we can fix most desktop computers with a single visit. If your problem is software related,  if your hard drive’s making beeping sounds or your screen keeps freezing, let us know. Our professional team will get your computer back to work

A slow PC, a freezing screen or an intermittent connection problem can drive you up the wall. You don’t need to throw your desktop computer out of the window, though! Call in the computer repair world and we’ll reboot your home or office machine, making it work as well as it did the day you bought it.

If your desktop PC is running slower than it used to, it’s probably clogged up with old files and broken permissions. We fix all operating system, startup and software problems, returning your computer to the speed it had when you first turned it on. We’ll set up an automatic maintenance schedule, too, so your desktop PC stays working at maximum capacity.

Random freezing is a warning sign of something wrong with your desktop – often malware, which installs itself as the result of visiting infected websites or using the internet with insufficient security measures in place. If your computer is freezing regularly, let us know. We’ll diagnose the issue (this can often be done remotely, if the problem is software related) and remove the offending programs. We can also beef up your desktop security so you don’t get similar issues in the future.

Regular problems connecting to the internet can be caused by your router, your internet service or the internal components of your computer. From resetting the channel your router uses to transmit broadband signals, to replacing the receiver in your desktop PC, our trained technicians will have you online again in no time.

Overheating and beeping are signs that your cooling system isn’t working properly, or your motherboard is on its way out. If you hear beeping coming from the processor, get in touch. If you hear physical noises inside your desktop, for example whirring or clicking, turn the computer off and call us immediately.

Pop up ads are a common problem on desktop computers without adequate online security. Our technicians can get rid of the annoying advertisements for good, and put measures in place to ensure you don’t get repeat offences in the future. We’ll recommend and install antivirus software that protects you against spyware, adware and malware, and we can even set your computer up so it automatically updates and cleans your hard drive.

Our trained computer repair teams carry replacement hardware for most common desktop PC faults – meaning we can get you back on track again whatever the problem. If we can’t fix your hardware problem on the spot, we’ll order the part you need to solve it.

Our engineers are experienced software and network engineers, familiar with Windows, Mac and mobile operating systems. We can update your Windows or Mac desktop PC. Don’t give up on your computer until you’ve spoken to our technicians!

We cover the whole of South East London and Kent.

- We can repair any problem
- Windows Not Loading

- We can build a PC to your specifications
- Blue Screen Problems
- Windows Reinstallation
- Upgrade Components RAM, CPU etc

- Help with device configuration

​- Data Recovery and HDD Replacement
- Virus and Spyware Removal
- Slow Computer, No Power

              AND MUCH MORE

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PC repair